• Design

    From Web and Graphic Design to Industrial, 3D and Concept Design... Through more than 10 years of experience I have tackled all possible requests in the industry and definitely ready for new ones. With every design I aim to have full client satisfaction or nothing!

  • Development

    Starting way back, 13 years ago, I was fiddling with Flash programming whilst in high school... that has since led to bursts into various fields of programming and building and utilizing complex technical systems. As developments goes, my motto is that nothing is impossible, only practical or impractical. Alongside programming, I thrive on managing complex setups of any kind and finding ways to optimize and speed up existing solutions. To sum it up I would assign slogan for everything I do "problem solving at its best".

  • Marketing

    Internet marketing, and especially affiliate marketing is where I spend most of my time right now. I have been working with my partners from Canada and Spain for many years now, running successful and highly profitable campaigns all over the board as far as affiliate marketing niches go. Managing setups, tracking systems and high level optimization while leading a highly advanced technical team is my main focus.

About Me

About Me

Well... To start, I am Uros Aleksic, developer, designer, team and project leader and one of the best problem solvers you may meet. From Serbia, studied at the Faculty of Technical Sciences here in Novi Sad. Worked on various projects throughout my education and before starting on my own worked in one company and then cooperated with another. For years now I am leading a team of colleagues/friends with whom I run a very successful business working for my clients out of state. Not specifically looking for work or projects at the moment, but if you are looking to have something meaningful and truly of beautiful design, we can talk.